«La guía definitiva para encontrar a todos los enemigos legendarios como Jedi Survivor»

Jedi: Fallen Order is a game full of secrets and optional content that is surprisingly easy to overlook. While some of that content will only appeal to completionists, some of the game’s optional content should be sought out by all players who want to see the best of what Jedi: Fallen Order has to offer. The collection of legendary enemies in Jedi: Fallen Order is probably the best example of that possibly essential «optional» content. Jedi: Fallen Order’s legendary enemies are not only some of the toughest bosses in the game; they’re also the hardest fights to find. With that in mind, here’s a brief rundown of where to find all of the game’s legendary enemies.

Beetu Deetu
Head to the Southern Reach meditation point on Kashyyyk. Follow the path past the Trontoshell, and you should be attacked by two «boss» droids. They’re basically tougher versions of some of the game’s hardest battle droids, so don’t be surprised if you struggle to beat them. Interestingly, some players seem to be reporting that they can’t get these droids to spawn in this location. It could be just a technical issue, but it’s far more likely that these droids simply don’t appear until a certain point in the game. Just to be safe, it’s probably best to return to Kashyyyk after initially discovering this area to attempt to generate these bosses.

After unlocking BD-1’s electric dart upgrade, head to the Hangar 2046-C meditation point on Coruscant. Take the elevator, walk down the hallway, and be on the lookout for a door that can be opened with an electric dart. That should generate this powerful boss droid. Beat D-L1t and you’ll unlock the ability to hack lesser DT bots.

Go to Kashyyyk and head to the meditation point for the Overgrown Pass settlement. From here, go to the Untamed Downs area. Once there, look for the nearby ridge. Follow that ridge until you see an opening in a nearby mountain guarded by a green laser shield. Use Merrin’s charm to pass through the barrier and you’ll soon be facing off against this droid and its companions. You should receive a nice Essence XP bonus after defeating E3-VE3.

Frenzied Jotaz
After acquiring the electric dart ability, return to Coruscant and go to the Guts and Glory area. Remember that door you couldn’t open before that something big was banging on? Use the electric dart on that door and you’ll generate the Frenzied Jotaz. This huge (and colorful) creature can be quite tough, but you’ll get some additional XP once you take it out.

Golden Skriton
Head to Jedha and go to the Anchorite’s Point meditation point. Head through the Desert Ridge area and look for the valley with a bunch of flying monsters (it should be the far left-most part of the area). You’ll eventually come across this enemy while walking down that valley. While you don’t get a direct reward for defeating the Golden Skriton, you’ll be able to loot the nearby Unflinching Perk once it’s defeated.

This is one of the tougher legendary fights in Jedi: Fallen Order. To find Gorgara, head back to Dathomir – this time after you’ve acquired the double jump ability. From the Brother’s Bastion meditation point, go to the Upper Strangled Cliffs area. Look for a nearby platform that you can jump to and use double jump to reach it. Gorgara should be waiting for you once you get there. As a reward for defeating Gorgara, you’ll receive increased stims.

Gorgara is not the only legendary fight in Jedi: Fallen Order that takes place in Dathomir, though. Here’s how to find the rest of the legendary boss fights on that planet:

Nightbrother Monolith
Go to the Brother’s Bastion meditation point and look for the Nightbrother Monolith. Climb up the nearby rocks and you’ll eventually come across this legendary enemy.

Nydak Alpha
Head to the Swamp of Sacrifice meditation point and then make your way to the Shadow Market. Eventually, you should encounter this tough enemy.

Gorgara (Rematch)
This fight actually takes place after you’ve defeated Gorgara for the first time. After you’ve done that, return to the Brother’s Bastion meditation point and head to the Upper Strangled Cliffs area again. You’ll find Gorgara waiting for you there.

Matriarch Gor’gonn
This is a tricky one. Head to Kashyyyk and go to the Derelict Hangar. Take the right path from the nearby meditation point and look for a breakable wall. You’ll need to backtrack a bit from there by running through the nearby wall and looking for a rolling mine. Get it to fix on you and drag it back to the breakable wall. Toss the mine at the breakable wall, destroy it, and climb the nearby rope that you just unlocked. Walk along the ledge, lift the gate that you’ll eventually come across, and head through it to spawn this enemy.

Ninth Sister
This is another legendary boss fight that’s part of Jedi: Fallen Order’s main story campaign. You’ll encounter the Ninth Sister while exploring the Castle on Zeffo. While this fight may not be as tough as some of the others on this list, you’ll probably want to come back here a bit later in the game to stand a better chance.

Oggdo Bogdo
This is one of the first legendary bosses that you’ll encounter. You’ll come across Oggdo Bogdo while exploring Bogano. He’s located in a small cavern on the same path that takes you to the Abandoned Workshop area.

Oggdo Bogdo (Rematch)
This fight takes place after you’ve defeated Oggdo Bogdo for the first time. Return to Bogano and head to the path near the Abandoned Workshop area again. You’ll find Oggdo Bogdo waiting for you there once more.

Albino Wyyyschokk
This boss can be a little awkward to find. Start at the Imperial Headquarters meditation point on Zeffo and go to the nearby ice caves. From there, proceed to the Origin Lake area. Eventually, you’ll come across an area with a dark cave and some strange spider webs. Use BD-1’s scan to figure out which of the webs you need to slice, slide down the ice, and you’ll soon be facing off against this legendary enemy.

Purge Trooper (Commander)
Note that this is actually an optional mini-boss rather than one of Jedi: Fallen Order’s legendary bosses. Regardless, it’s a worthwhile fight for those who want to see everything the game has to offer. To find the Purge Trooper Commander, head to the Hangar area on Zeffo. From there, go east until you find a door that can be unlocked with your Lightsaber. Fight your way through the ensuing enemies and you’ll eventually come across a room with this tough enemy.

Inquisitorious (Second Sister)
This is another fight that’s part of Jedi: Fallen Order’s main story. You’ll encounter the Second Sister for the first time in the Origin Tree area on Kashyyyk. While you’ll fight her a few times throughout the game, this is the fight that we’ll consider her «legendary» boss fight.

Rabid Jotaz
This fight takes place after you’ve defeated the Second Sister for the first time. Once you’ve done that, return to Origin Tree on Kashyyyk. Head to the Kyyyalstaad Basin area and you should eventually come across this tough enemy. Like Vicious Abomination, Rabid Jotaz poses quite a threat to those who underestimate him.

Head back to Kashyyyk and go to the meditation point for the Overgrown Pass settlement again. From there, go to the Broken Wing area. Eventually, you’ll come across a boss fight with Scazz. As a reward for your victory, you’ll be able to loot the Scorched Terrarium Seed nearby.

Savage Opress
This legendary boss fight takes place after you’ve completed most of Jedi: Fallen Order’s campaign. Head back to Dathomir and go to the Brother’s Bastion meditation point. From there, make your way to the Tomb of Kujet. Eventually, you’ll come across this powerful enemy. Defeat him and you’ll receive the Opressor Perk. This perk increases your damage output but also increases the amount of damage you take.

Trilla Suduri
This is the final legendary boss fight of Jedi: Fallen Order. After you’ve done everything else with respect to beating the game’s story campaign, head back to the Fortress Inquisitorius on Nur where you had your first real fight with Trilla. You’ll need to defeat her yet again to complete this part of Jedi: Fallen Order. After you defeat her for this last time, you’ll see the game’s true ending.

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